Writing thesis and texts

The writing of texts on behalf of third parties, accompanied by very detailed bibliographic and documentary research, and the preparation of various types of writing services (reports, market research, essays, articles, studies, etc.) is an activity that , in Italy, it cannot be said certainly that he enjoys a particular estimate.

In a country of writers like ours, where however there are not as many readers, writing by trade, the so-called writing of support, is an activity that does not enjoy particular formal recognition and is rarely used, given that in general he prefers to entrust it, more than to industry professionals, to improvised “experts” or friends and acquaintances, in the (wrong) conviction that it does not deserve special attention.

ASER has been carrying out this activity since 1983, so for 35 years now, and started from the simple support to university students for the drafting of their degree theses and then gradually expanded to cover support for publishing activities (such as editing), translations from and to various languages, the preparation of studies, reports, articles, essays, reports for companies and professional offices, market research, etc. etc ..

This is a broad-spectrum activity, which could theoretically count on a significant customer base, but whose main limitation lies in the fact that, within it, professionalism is in no way recognized, so the claim recurrent of many potential customers would be to pay the professional with decades of specific experience to the same figures with which a young graduate would pay, inevitably lacking in sector skills.

Nothing particularly strange, in a country where the “price” item has become the fundamental and often decisive discriminating factor for the awarding of most jobs, to the detriment of quality and professionalism, but certainly a significant limiting factor for obtaining quality texts.

Writing thesis and texts

In order to overcome this undeniable difficulty, in the course of his long life ASER has aimed at creating a loyalty relationship with few but high quality customers and to promote his activities essentially with “word of mouth”, based on the fact that, in a field like this, the best promoter of the activities it carries out is the satisfied customer.

We have had many, in these decades, of satisfied customers and with them the relationship remains very good. Today quality and professionalism no longer seem to be a value and it is believed – very superficially – that “one is worth the other”, ASER proudly continues to follow a radically different company policy.