Urgent and very urgent degree theses – Clarifications

Urgent and very urgent degree theses are increasingly in demand. In fact, it may happen that a student finds himself in difficulty a few weeks or even a few days away from the thesis delivery date. A really bad situation, but not insurmountable, with ASER.

There are in fact some types of theses (History, Political Sciences, Strategic Sciences, Communication Sciences, Jurisprudence, and also other humanistic disciplines, and more …) that can be treated even in extremely reduced times by our staff, who is used to years working under pressure and concluding absolutely original works with anti-plagiarism certification even within a few days.

Naturally, when a structure such as ASER assumes such a commitment, it is well aware that it has days of 16 hours of work ahead, sleepless nights or almost, absolute cancellation of holidays and weekends. The customer must also be aware of such circumstances, because it is completely unthinkable that ASER can undertake such a burdensome task by applying the same rates that would be customary, relying on normal timing.

Here we find ourselves in the most absolute emergency and the massive effort to which the tutors are called to undergo must necessarily be remunerated.

On the other hand, more often than we might believe, we see ourselves invested with the task of helping to write a 120-page thesis in four days, with the request that all this may involve only the application of an ordinary tariff. We are sorry, but it is not and cannot be so.

A job in partial or absolute emergency necessarily implies the application of a similar tariff, without which the remarkable effort that we should undergo would not be profitable and even counterproductive.

We write this to avoid misunderstandings and to clarify our position. ASER works more and more on emergencies, but adheres to some precise rules, on which it prefers to warn customers. Quality, punctuality and originality are guaranteed even in the most extreme urgencies, but the potential customer must take them into account.