Professional degree thesis

The question of the qualitative level of the thesis has become more and more serious, with the passing of the years, due to the multiplication of the practices of “copy and paste”, not to mention those of real plagiarism or thesis recycling already existing, sold and discussed as new, when in reality new would not be at all.

Such a situation is the result, at least in part, of the multiplication of three-year degrees, often conceived only in terms of the acquisition of the fateful “piece of paper”, but the considerations to be made in this regard are many and varied.

The first and most obvious is that a simple and quick thesis is absolutely not a copied thesis. The latter, in fact, normally creates many more problems than it is able to solve, since it is thought that the “copy and paste” problem is a very effective shortcut, but it does not prove to be absolutely such, especially in the presence of verification systems. plagiarism now in use at all universities, large or small.

Professional degree thesis

But that is not all, since a quality thesis, if in the context of the short degrees it serves above all to complete its course of studies without incurring unpleasant surprises or serious problems, at the level of master’s degrees a quality thesis serves instead as first step of a professional and work path that the wise student is well aware of having to start as soon as possible, to distinguish himself from the mass of colleagues and to orient his university and post-university training in a logic of quality., the ASER website, has been located in this perspective for decades and puts its skills at the service of those students who share this strategic vision, in the knowledge that building a career always requires a component of commitment, quality and originality.

ASER, moreover, does not provide pre-packaged support and services, but configures its activities on customer requests, trying to personalize all its operations to the maximum.

Professional degree thesis

In this, ultimately, our definition of “professionalism” consists of: trying to operate and manage a structure that looks far beyond the simple provision of a service, which strives to build a long-term relationship with its customers , who, having appreciated the work when they were still mere students, maintained a dialogue with ASER that continued even after graduation, as university researchers, professors, essayists, or after they entered the world of work.

It is thanks to a logic of this kind that ASER, under the aegis of the Orbis Group, operates on a broad spectrum in the field of writing services, of the most diverse nature.