Doctoral thesis and research projects

ASER – does not exhaust its activity with the support to the elaboration of triennial or magisterial theses. In fact, for some time it has also been involved in making its own contribution also for the preparation of doctoral theses and also for the elaboration of research projects in the academic field.

It is clear that, for these theses of a higher level, often very complex, as well as for the preparation of research projects, the commitment to be made in the implementation support is decidedly greater, both as regards the deepening of the analysis, both for the size of the bibliographic and documentary researches, both for the length of the texts, and finally because the preparation of academic projects allows us to be able to draw in the best way from the various highly qualified tutors who collaborate with us.

All this is part of the mission we have set ourselves – as ASER – since the birth of our structure, back in 1983: that of taking maximum care of the quality of our work and focusing our entire consultancy activity in absolute respect for this quality. But even when, in 2000, we permanently appeared on the Net, we constantly worried about taking care of our corporate web reputation, convinced that it was a paying strategy.

Doctoral thesis and research projects

Obviously, a doctoral thesis requires a very high commitment, but it is not a goal that ASER cannot help achieve. In fact, at the center of our vision is the fact that the increasing devalorization of the level of Italian theses is in no way beneficial to the training of students and researchers, and makes their relationship with the world of work even more complicated.

It is true that the latter seems to seek, not from today, above all unqualified collaborators, but this approach is certainly one of the main causes of the increasingly serious crisis in the Italian world of work in terms of competitiveness, technological innovation and lack of enhancement of university education.

ASER is a candidate to support all efforts to bridge this gap.