Professional degree thesis

The question of the qualitative level of the thesis has become more and more serious, with the passing of the years, due to the multiplication of the practices of “copy and paste”, not to mention those of real plagiarism or thesis recycling already existing, sold and discussed as new, when in reality new would not […]

Urgent and very urgent degree theses – Clarifications

Urgent and very urgent degree theses are increasingly in demand. In fact, it may happen that a student finds himself in difficulty a few weeks or even a few days away from the thesis delivery date. A really bad situation, but not insurmountable, with ASER. There are in fact some types of theses (History, Political […]

Degree thesis in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering

The weight of scientific disciplines is becoming increasingly significant in Italian universities. Logical therefore that ASER, always careful to expand the size of the offer to its public, has long been trying to offer a wider quantity of tutors in these disciplines. In fact, we have recently acquired new tutors in the fields of Mathematics, […]

Writing thesis and texts

The writing of texts on behalf of third parties, accompanied by very detailed bibliographic and documentary research, and the preparation of various types of writing services (reports, market research, essays, articles, studies, etc.) is an activity that , in Italy, it cannot be said certainly that he enjoys a particular estimate. In a country of […]

Doctoral thesis and research projects

ASER – does not exhaust its activity with the support to the elaboration of triennial or magisterial theses. In fact, for some time it has also been involved in making its own contribution also for the preparation of doctoral theses and also for the elaboration of research projects in the academic field. It is […]